Visual field monitoring

With a wide-angle and zoom camera, Fieldeye can be used to monitor agricultural land. However, the solution can also be used in other areas of application, such as construction sites or high-voltage power lines.

With Fieldeye, you can keep an overview from a distance.

The solution

Originally developed for monitoring agricultural areas, the self-sufficient camera system can be used in all conceivable applications. Fieldeye has integrated a wide-angle camera and a zoom camera, each with autofocus. The power supply is self-sufficient via the solar panel. The data is transmitted to the server via GSM/GPRS. Fieldeye is therefore independent of any infrastructure. Fieldeye is optionally available with a weather station (rain gauge, thermometer, hygrometer).

Fields of application:

  • Agribusiness – Photos and weather data
  • Construction sites – documentation of the construction progress
  • Environmental monitoring – photos and weather data
  • Monitoring of high-voltage lines – visual detection of icing and contamination

"Microtronics has helped us implement this technology, in an industry standard that is necessary today to offer this service worldwide."

Felix Rudolph

CEO Fieldeye GmbH

Product features

  • Remote monitoring with two 2×13 megapixel cameras
  • Documentation, analysis and comparison of daily images
  • Easy creation of time-lapse recordings
  • Self-sufficient supply via the integrated solar panel
  • Transmission of data via GSM/GPRS to the central web platform
  • Optionally with integrated weather station (rain gauge, thermometer, hygrometer)
  • Password-protected web platform for multiple users


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Watch and try out

Try the Fieldeye demo web platform

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