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UTK level measuring station

IoT helps to monitor groundwater levels in real time and be alerted if necessary to take timely action.

Groundwater level measurement & pump control

The problem

The area around Zeitz has been surrounded by open-cast mining for hundreds of years. Only the lowering of the groundwater level with many pumps in the region made mining possible. In recent years, after mining ceased, the pumps were switched off again. As a result, the groundwater level in the region rose again. New pumps have now been installed to keep the groundwater level at a defined level.

The solution

The myDatalogGauge records the current groundwater level. The gateway transmits the data to the UTK data portal via mobile radio. The map display provides an overview of all measuring points. As long as the dots are green, everything is fine. If a set level is exceeded, an alarm is sent to the administration via e-mail and SMS. The battery operation of the myDatalogGauge level measuring stations and the very long runtime of up to 10 years are the major advantages of the system.

"With the installation of the water level measuring station, the water levels are now known at all times. Necessary measures can be initiated in time and safely."

Alexander Weber

UTK - EcoSens GmbH Zeitz

Product features

  • Using myDatalogGauge to capture and transmit gauge levels to the IoT Plattform
  • Clear representation of the measuring points
  • Automatic alerting via SMS and e-mail
  • Running time of up to 10 years with battery operation

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