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cell GmbH


The easy to install and operate data logger offers various applications such as pressure, flow or level measurement. If limit values are exceeded or not reached, an alarm is triggered.

Remote monitoring for industry and water management

The solution

The ujo developed by cell GmbH is a compact, energy-autonomous data logger for remote monitoring in water management and industrial applications. Following the “plug and measure” principle, the ujo is easy to install and is characterised by its intuitive operability.

To collect the data, customers choose from different, expandable basic sets with application-specific sensors. The energy supply takes place via battery, solar or mains operation. A combination of power supplies ensures maximum system availability.

Possible applications

  • Water meter (REED pulse or optoelectronic sensors)
  • Level (level measurement)
  • Flow measurement
  • Pressure measurement (e.g. in pipelines)
  • Air (temperature, humidity, quality)

Function overview

The data is transferred to a central server where users have a wide range of analysis options at their disposal. In addition, data from external devices can be integrated with the import functionality.

ujo alerts the user by email or SMS when threshold values (alarm thresholds) are exceeded or not reached. The active station failure monitoring checks whether all measuring stations are active and thus enables rapid action in case of need.

"The ujo uses the versatile all-rounder of Microtronics and adds robustness, surge protection and variable power supply. Thanks to cell's experience as a system integrator for measurement technology in the water industry, the commissioning was perfectly adapted to customer requirements. This reduces the complexity so that installation and configuration can happen by the customer."

Jakob Hofer

Hardware Development & Electronics - cell GmbH

The cooperation

ujo builds on Microtronics’ total IoT and M2M solution, using both Microtronics’ device and platform. cell GmbH makes use of the Microtronics IoT expertise and develops its own hardware and software with this technology.

With the integrated SIM card, the data is transferred via mobile radio from ujo to the central server without the need for separate contracts or complex contract management.

The unit used has universal inputs for digital and analogue sensors and switchable outputs. The comprehensive security concept protects the data on the device, on the server and during transmission. The local measurement data memory, the adjustable measurement and transmission cycles as well as the alarm and trigger functionality make the unit a multifunctional module.

The use of Microtronics technology allows Ingenieurbüro cell GmbH to focus on its core competence. cell GmbH has its roots in water management and has in-depth application knowledge. Combined with cross-industry expertise in electronics, electrical engineering and software development, comprehensive solutions with broad customer benefits are created.

Are you interested in the solution?

Get in touch with the partner! The partner is the expert of the application, has the domain know-how and knows how you benefit from the solution.

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