Smart voice control

consiergo turns your home into a smart home. The device is voice-controlled, has a microphone and a loudspeaker and is subject to strict European data protection guidelines.

Smart home solution according to European data protection guidelines

The solution

consiergo is a smart home solution that you control by voice and which can be used in a wide range of applications.

consiergo does not send voice files to a server. Speech recognition takes place locally on the device. Only the command to be executed is sent to the server. The server is located in Austria and is therefore subject to strict data protection and privacy guidelines.

In addition to a microphone, consiergo has a loudspeaker. This way, feedback can be given and you know that consiergo has understood you correctly. Data from sensors can be connected via the Bluetooth interface.

A button on the unit switches consiergo on or off. You can also cancel alarms using this button. In the event of an alarm, consiergo can notify you by SMS, e-mail or voice call.

consiergo is a plug & play solution that you can install in just a few minutes. Thanks to the integrated SIM chip, you do not need a WLAN connection. Only a power supply must be provided.

"Through the excellent cooperation with Microtronics, we have created a prototype that is almost ready for sale. This helps us enormously in the competitive startup world when looking for investors."

Georg Singer


Product features

  • Smart home voice control
  • Integrated microphone and loudspeaker
  • Compliance with European data protection directives
  • No transmission and storage of voice files
  • BLE interface for the connection of additional sensors
  • Easy installation
  • No WLAN connection required
  • Alarm via SMS, e-mail or phone call

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