Overhead power line monitoring

emo is a reliable monitoring system for high-voltage lines, which enables the recording of conductor rope temperatures with economically low effort.

Reliable & efficient monitoring system

The solution

The temperature development on a high voltage power line indicates whether the line can still handle the transportation of additional energy or not. This is especially relevant in the context of smart grids: smart grids combine a great number of decentralised energy sources. But especially in the fields of renewable energy sources the amount of energy produced fluctuates. To hold the balance between power generation and power consumption, it is crucial to monitor the power lines’ capacity.

emo is a reliable monitoring system for overhead power lines. For the first time, it enables the recording of power cable temperatures with economically low effort. The transmission capacity of the supply network down to individual sections becomes transparent for energy suppliers and enables even more efficient and economical operation of the existing cable infrastructure.

  • Exact, validated recording of the temperature directly on the rope
  • Efficient utilisation of the network infrastructure
  • More efficient maintenance processes through a central monitoring system

The core element of emo is the line sonde which is equipped with three temperature points that monitor the temperature development on the power line. The body of the power line sonde is not touching the line itself and is thus not influencing the line temperature. Additionally emo is equipped with different meteorological sensors. The collected data – which is transmitted to a central server via GPRS – gives information on a line’s capacity or on its maintenance status. Furthermore emo helps to save operating costs.

"... if line monitoring is used, we expect that there will be an operating cost saving in the range of 15 to 30 %."

Horst Hopitzan

Managing Director of micca

Product features

  • Base station with wireless connection to the cable sensors and wireless data transmission to the central server
  • Up to 12 cable sensors per base station
  • Optionally with climate information such as air temperature/humidity, wind direction and wind force, global radiation, 3D wind measurement
  • Self-sufficient power supply via solar panel and buffer battery
  • Management of the measuring points on the central web server
  • Connection of the central web server to control centre systems via IT interfaces

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