Measuring points for flow measurement

With the help of the solution, which has low commissioning and operating costs, it is possible to record, transmit and visualise the data from more than 80 measuring points. In case of irregularities, an alarm is triggered.

Real-time data & remote access

The starting position

FLOW-TRONIC is the world’s leading supplier and producer of innovative precision tools for the field of flow measurement. FLOW-TRONIC offers services in the field of flow measurement, rental meters as well as maintenance and calibration of all offered products. International customers trust in the competence of FLOW-TRONIC.

FLOW-TRONIC has installed more than 80 measuring points for a customer in Belgium at important points for flow measurement, such as sewers, collectors or rivers. At the beginning, the collected data should be transmitted via telephone line. But even the creation of a telephone line infrastructure proved difficult. Later, there was a switch to GSM modems, but these proved too expensive for the customer. FLOW-TRONIC was looking for a solution to transmit the data of the more than 80 measuring points in real time and in a cost-saving way.

The solution

FLOW-TRONIC has equipped the more than 80 measuring points with data loggers from Microtronics. These make it possible to transmit the decentrally collected data in real time via GPRS to a central server and to visualise it. FLOW-TRONIC and the customer have the possibility to keep an eye on the status of the measuring points at any time and from anywhere by means of a user name and password. If irregularities occur, an alarm is immediately triggered and the appropriate intervention measures can be started immediately.

"For me, the biggest advantage is of course the time saved. You save yourself the trip to the measuring point in order to then read out the data with a laptop on site. And of course you have surveillance."

Rainer Heckters

Technical Manager at FLOW-TRONIC

The cooperation

The Microtronics solution offers the following advantages for FLOW-TRONIC’s customers:

  • Real-time data transmission via GPRS
  • Permanent access to all measuring points via web browser
  • Event-based alerting
  • Low commissioning and operating costs

Are you interested in the solution?

Get in touch with the partner! The partner is the expert of the application, has the domain know-how and knows how you benefit from the solution.

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