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IGM Messen GmbH

Measuring instruments in harsh environments

Due to the use in difficult measurement environments, it is particularly important with this solution to ensure that the data is fail-safe. With the help of IoT, this goal could be achieved, along with more efficient use of staff and minimisation of maintenance calls.

Minimise maintenance & deploy staff efficiently

The starting position

IGM Messen is a specialist in the collection and evaluation of water management measurement data. It carries out precipitation, discharge, water level, freight and temperature measurements in canals as well as in channels. The company deals with the water management analysis of the collected results and holds the certification as a state-approved testing centre for flow measurement and throttle devices.

IGM Messen uses its measuring instruments in often difficult measuring environments. In order to be able to guarantee the reliability of the data, it was necessary to read out the measuring devices at least every fortnight. Furthermore, the collected measurement data serve as a basis for engineering planning and must therefore be of particularly high quality and be documented without gaps. IGM Messen was therefore looking for a solution to transmit, store and visualise the data of their measuring devices reliably and in a resource-saving way.

The solution

With an M2M solution from Microtronics, IGM Messen is able to guarantee a high level of reliability of the measurement data. The collected data from the various measuring points are transmitted to a server and can be checked almost in real time. This allows staff to be deployed more efficiently, a larger pool of equipment to be operated, projects to be completed more quickly and maintenance visits to be minimised. The collected measurement data is of such high quality that it can be used for further engineering planning.

"The great advantage of remote data transmission is that we can guarantee a high level of reliability, as the measurement data is constantly stored on our server. On the one hand, this saves us frequent maintenance visits. On the other hand, we can now also make the data available to the customers almost online and that naturally also brings a high level of transparency."

Dipl. Ing. Matthias Werner

Test engineer for IGM Messen

The cooperation

The Microtronics solution offers the following advantages for IGM Messen:

  • Real-time data transmission via GPRS
  • Permanent access to all measuring points via web browser
  • Robust field devices with long-life batteries
  • More efficient use of staff
  • Minimisation of maintenance operations
  • Supervision of an approx. 30% higher pool of equipment

Are you interested in the solution?

Get in touch with the partner! The partner is the expert of the application, has the domain know-how and knows how you benefit from the solution.

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