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Leova® SMART

Leova® SMART is the first pile-integrated information & control system that provides real-time data.

Smart information & control system in viticulture

The solution

The environment and the climate cannot be influenced and always pose new challenges to wine and fruit growers. Leova® SMART offers a solution that can be used directly where it is needed: in the vineyard or orchard.

The system collects various data in real time depending on the requirements. For example, microclimatic conditions such as air humidity, air temperature and rainfall are precisely measured. Optimised by artificial intelligence, exact forecasts for the respective location are derived from this. Adapted to the location and position height, frost protection can also be integrated to protect against crop failure. In addition, Leova® SMART measures leaf wetness and detects fungal diseases at an early stage, which offers valuable advantages for organic cultivation, among others.

"At the beginning of the project, the approaches and ideas of the partners were different. But the more than satisfactory result shows that the path was exactly right and that it takes a focus on the essentials to get to the goal."

Cornelia Maxera

Project manager Leova® SMART

The cooperation

Leova® SMART was developed in cooperation between Microtronics and voestalpine Krems GmbH. Microtronics was involved in the entire development process – from concept and prototyping to the production-ready product.

Microtronics’ key achievements include:

  • Concept development
  • Hardware design
  • Mechanical or industrial design with regard to usability
  • Data acquisition in the field and seamless transmission to the web
  • Provision of data to a web interface for further processing in smartphone apps
  • Industrialisation

Are you interested in the solution?

Get in touch with the partner! The partner is the expert of the application, has the domain know-how and knows how you benefit from the solution.

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