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IoT for beekeepers

With the help of IoT technology, the health status of the bees in the hive can be determined. In addition, the noise pattern recorded by means of an integrated microfron is analysed to prevent events such as bee mortality.

The baby monitor for hives

The solution is a monitoring sensor system for bee colonies in the hive. The integrated IoT technology makes it possible to determine the health status of the bees in the hive. This works by means of the hive scale and the integrated microphone, which analyses the well-being of the bees on the basis of recorded noise patterns. The collection and analysis of this data will enable beekeepers to predict and prevent adverse events such as bee mortality (“predictive analytics”).

With, the data is recorded, transferred, stored in the cloud and made accessible via web or app. This enables beekeepers to observe the well-being of the bees even from a distance. The integrated hive scale also shows the amount of honey in the hive. In addition to the weight and sound samples, temperature and humidity data complete the picture.

The cooperation uses Microtronics technology consisting of hardware, software & service. Sample data is only transmitted when a specified pattern is detected. This way, only relevant data is transmitted and the amount of data is minimised. thus relies on the Smart Data concept.
Microtronics makes the data available at defined interfaces. The evaluation and analysis of this data, on the other hand, is the task of

Product features

  • Monitoring of the health status of the bees incl. Alerting
  • Recording of noise, weight, temperature, humidity
  • Analysis of noise patterns
  • Predictive analytics – predicting future events
  • Energy-efficient data transmission
  • Battery-powered

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