The IoT box enables the e-mopeds to be unlocked in the app and the current battery status to be displayed. The app also shows all available mopeds in the city of Vienna.

Smart, electronic mobility

The solution

The issue of mobility has always been a relevant topic in cities, closely linked to growth and progress. Innovative mobility concepts are in demand and relevant with regard to the “Smart City” concept.

Sharing concepts are very popular for urban mobility. Access to mobility is more important to residents than owning a car, moped or other means of transport.

With smart e-mopeds, goUrban makes use of several innovative factors at once. In addition to the sharing business model, goUrban uses electronic mopeds and exchanges relevant data with a central server. This data is used for display in the app and provides goUrban with the necessary maintenance information for their vehicles.

The app for Android and iOS shows all available e-mopeds in the city of Vienna. In addition to the current location, the user can see how many minutes they have to walk to the goUrban e-moped as well as the current charging status of the e-moped.

As a goodie, an e-moped can be reserved free of charge for the next 15 minutes. In this way, the user ensures that the goUrban e-moped is also available in his vicinity and that no one else snatches it away from under his nose.

"Programming the IoT box is really not difficult. We are very pleased with Microtronics' solution."

Bojan Jukic

Co-Founder & CTO goUrban e-Mobility GmbH

The cooperation

For communication, goUrban has used an IoT box*. At the touch of a button in the app, the helmet compartment is unlocked and the e-moped can be started. With the IoT box and the libraries provided, goUrban was able to realise this functionality in a short time.

The current charging status of the e-moped is transmitted to the central server via the IoT box and displayed in the app. If the battery level falls below a defined threshold, goUrban receives a warning. goUrban knows so exactly which e-mopeds need to be recharged.

*The IoT Box was developed by Microtronics together with T-Mobile Austria.

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