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Industrial vacuum cleaner

IoT enables predictive services for industrial vacuum cleaners. Retrofitting in existing devices such as integration in new vacuums was a prerequisite in the development of the IoT solution.

Predictive Maintenance & Retrofit

The problem

Ruwac Industriesauger deal with the extraction of all kinds of goods. Whether flammable, explosive or harmless, solid or liquid, chips or dust – Ruwac vacuums it all.

Filters that are too heavily loaded restrict the suction power. The vacuumed material that has been left lying on the ground can cause dangerous situations. The suction power no longer corresponds to the expected quality.

The solution

The digitalisation of the vacuum cleaners makes predictive maintenance possible. Ruwac Industriesauger is represented in 20 countries in Europe, America and Asia. With the help of the collected data, the service intervals are optimised. Ruwac gets better insights into how the suction cups behave with different types of suction material. The lessons learned are used to optimise the suction cups and provide customers with even better advice.

Customers can see the current operating status, operating time, filter load, vacuum and differential pressure via an app.

"We learn how the suction cup behaves with different suction materials. This enables us to advise the customer even better on a solution for his specific suction material."

Christian Mithöfer

R&D - Ruwac Industriesauger GmbH

The cooperation

Microtronics was in charge of the technical implementation and developed the built-in module together with Ruwac. During development, it was important that the solution can be retrofitted in older vacuum cleaners, for example from the 1980s, so that these also have a digital twin.

IoT is always an interdisciplinary project. Ruwac was aware of this from the beginning. In the workshop with Microtronics, for example, employees from research and development, production, but also marketing and sales were present. With this approach, not only the technology was considered, but also the market and the future development of it.

Are you interested in the solution?

Get in touch with the partner! The partner is the expert of the application, has the domain know-how and knows how you benefit from the solution.

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