H2O2 gas sensor

The meter is used to record and transmit the H2O2 concentration, temperature and humidity during a disinfection cycle. Possible areas of application are hospitals or the food and beverage industry.

Monitoring disinfection cycles

The solution

The H2O2 gas sensor is a stationary measuring device for recording and transmitting the H2O2 concentration, temperature and humidity during a disinfection cycle. The H2O2 gas sensor detects the start of such a cycle either automatically by means of the current consumption at the connection for the disinfection unit or by the user pressing a button. If the peak value of the H2O2 concentration has been reached and a sufficiently strong gradient of the H2O2 concentration has been detected, the H2O2 gas sensor can automatically switch on a connected blower. The unit is suitable for measurements in:

  • Hospitals
  • Operation rooms
  • Food industry
  • Beverage industry


"The added value is that we can measure what is happening and, we can validate what has happened."

Ivo Shapdryver


Product features

  • Direct connection of a disinfection unit and a fan
  • Audible warning by buzzer
  • Measured value memory on the unit
  • Location-independent access to the measuring points via the Internet
  • Direct display of the measurement data via a separately available display
  • Compact dimensions
  • Very low commissioning & operating costs

The right hardware for the application

The technical data are shown in the Factsheet.

The measurement data of the H2O2 gas sensor can also be read without Internet access, a remote display is available for this purpose. This is connected to the device via a display cable.


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