H2O2 gas sensor

The meter is used to record and transmit the H2O2 concentration, temperature and humidity during a disinfection cycle. Possible areas of application are hospitals or the food and beverage industry.

Monitoring disinfection cycles

The solution

The H2O2 gas sensor is a stationary measuring device for recording and transmitting the H2O2 concentration, temperature and humidity during a disinfection cycle. The H2O2 gas sensor detects the start of such a cycle either automatically by means of the current consumption at the connection for the disinfection unit or by the user pressing a button. If the peak value of the H2O2 concentration has been reached and a sufficiently strong gradient of the H2O2 concentration has been detected, the H2O2 gas sensor can automatically switch on a connected blower. The unit is suitable for measurements in:

  • Hospitals
  • Operation rooms
  • Food industry
  • Beverage industry


"The added value is that we can measure what is happening and, we can validate what has happened."

Ivo Shapdryver


Product features

  • Direct connection of a disinfection unit and a fan
  • Audible warning by buzzer
  • Measured value memory on the unit
  • Location-independent access to the measuring points via the Internet
  • Direct display of the measurement data via a separately available display
  • Compact dimensions
  • Very low commissioning & operating costs

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