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UTK EcoSens GmbH

Groundwater monitoring in Kohnstein, Thuringia

To prevent flooding, five measuring points monitor the groundwater level. The data obtained is sent to the central platform and evaluated.

Monitoring & alerting in tunnel system

The solution

In Kohnstein, Thuringia, five measuring stations monitor the influence of anhydrite mining on groundwater levels. In the widely ramified gallery system there are historical parts that are flooded by groundwater.

In order to keep the groundwater level constant, preserve the historic galleries and at the same time allow further development for the extraction of anhydrite, UTK Eco Sens has installed a monitoring system.

Due to regulatory requirements, the groundwater level of two chambers must be regularly transmitted to the authorities. A total of five measuring points have been set up to monitor the groundwater level.

Depending on the nature of the soil, water seeps through more quickly, for example, and precipitation is more noticeable or hardly noticeable at all. In order to be able to react more effectively and quickly, a comprehensive picture is generated with the five measuring points.

The cooperation

Due to the lack of infrastructure, it was sometimes necessary to drill up to 40 metres through the rock into the chambers. Microtronics comes into play when it comes to data transmission. On the surface, there are devices of the type rapidM2M C3 andmyDatalogEASY IoTmini with a solar panel for self-sufficient operation. These send the data via GSM to the central web interface.

The data can be viewed by the engineering office and the authorities via the online platform and the FTP report. When the groundwater level falls below a threshold value, an alarm is automatically generated.

"We chose this technique to ensure consistent monitoring for all monitoring sites."

Ralf Oestreicher

CEO UTK - EcoSens GmbH Zeitz

Product features

  • Measured values from five stations can be called up centrally and uniformly
  • Automatic alarm by e-mail, SMS or phone call when a threshold value is undershot
  • Self-sufficient operation of the measuring station with solar panel
  • Sending the measured values from the gallery system with GSM
  • Rights management on the central web platform
  • Fulfilment of official requirements
  • FTP Report

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