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HeGo Biotec

Demand-based dosing with continuous H2S measurement

Odour nuisance and biogenic corrosion caused by hydrogen sulphide is not only unpleasant, but leads to health damage and expensive remediation work. HeGo Biotec continuously measures the H2S concentration in the ambient air, sends the data daily to the platform and doses a 45% calcium nitrate solution as needed. This reduces the H2S concentration to almost O ppm.

H2S measurement with dosing control

The starting position

Especially in the summer months, odour nuisance caused by hydrogen sulphide (H2S) occurred in Berlin-Köpenick. At the beginning of a 1.8-kilometre-long pressure pipeline is a pumping station that pumps the collected wastewater through the old town. Biogenic corrosion in the sewer causes extremely high remediation costs for the operator. Moreover, the stench is not only unpleasant for the citizens, but also harmful to their health.

H2S measuring devices have already been in use for some time. In the past, however, an employee had to drive to the old town every week, open the sewage shaft and read out the measurement data. The measurement data was then analysed and the dosage adjusted accordingly. A lot of time passed.

The solution

With the myDatasensH2S, the measurement data (H2S measurement, ambient temperature) are now measured every four hours and transmitted daily via mobile radio to a platform. The myDatasensH2S has ATEX Zone 1 approval and can therefore be used safely in the sewer. This enables a quick analysis of the situation and dosing according to need. With a 45% calcium nitrate solution, the H2S concentration can be specifically reduced to a minimum.

"Based on the H2S data we receive from the shaft, we can realise dosing according to demand. As a result, we got the town odour-free and the municipality saved a lot of money in capital costs for rehabilitating its sewers."

Kai Sekula

HeGo Biotec

Product features

  • Use of IoT Platform, myDatasensH2S and myDatalogMUCmini
  • Measure H2S concentration and transmit daily to platform
  • Dosing according to demand
  • Reduce odour nuisance and save investment costs for sewer rehabilitation
  • Seamless data recording
  • Battery life up to 36 months

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