D-Eye® can be used to monitor overflow basins. The camera takes pictures just before the spill and makes them available on the platform. However, this is not the only area of application – the use of D-Eye® is possible in a wide range of applications.

Versatile visual monitoring

The solution

D-Eye® monitors your measuring point visually. D-Eye® was developed as an overflow camera. Shortly before the overflow, the camera starts taking regular pictures. A photo of the measuring point is now taken at defined intervals until the water level has dropped again. You have worldwide access to these photos and data via the web platforms. After viewing the photo, decide whether a trip to the measuring point is necessary. This saves costs. In addition, you can log into the web platform at any time and manually trigger a photo at the touch of a button. The camera takes pictures in the size of 640x480px. For detail shots (640x480px), simply zoom in before taking a photo.

D-Eye® is not limited to monitoring overflow basins. You can use D-Eye® in any application imaginable. The visual overflow monitoring D-Eye® consists of the camera and the myDatalogEASY IoTmini, which records, processes and transmits the data.

Product features

  • Battery operated
  • Simple installation and commissioning
  • Alerting via SMS and photo in the event of an alarm
  • Data, photos and reports available 24/7 worldwide via web platform
  • A wide range of applications possible

In cooperation with: www.danova.dk

Watch and try out

Try the D-Eye® demo web platform

Are you interested in the solution?

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