UTK EcoSens GmbH

Cross-border Monitoring of Photovoltaic Systems

Photovoltaic systems serve to reduce electricity costs and generate electricity in a sustainable way.

Control data at any time & across borders

The solution

UTK EcoSens GmbH deals with the Germany-wide and partly cross-border monitoring of solar plants. A lack of infrastructure in the form of electricity and internet connection posed a challenge. This could be solved by the self-sufficient operation of the myDatalogEASY IoTmini (formerly myDatalogEASY V3). To enable worldwide use without further infrastructural requirements, data transmission via GSM with international roaming was chosen.

The advantages

Global radiation is measured with the help of two pyranometers. Two irradiation sensors additionally take over the temperature measurement. The data is presented online in a general overview. The system of Microtronics takes care of alerting via SMS or e-mail in case of a failure or exceeding of the limit. In this way, faults can be detected more quickly and not only during the maintenance interval.

For the customer, this results in the great advantage of being able to react quickly to errors thanks to alarms and permanent data availability. In addition, he gets an overview of the entirety of all installations.


Are you interested?

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