CAN Gateway

The CAN Gateway developed by Microtronis makes fleet management by Komptech possible – at a uniform worldwide rate. In addition, predictive maintenance can be implemented.

Fleet Management & Predictive Maintenance

Starting point

Komptech develops and builds machines for the treatment of biomass and solid waste. The product range includes over 30 different machine types.

From Australia to Japan, Africa and America, the machines are in use worldwide. This is why global network coverage, independent of individual providers, is particularly important for IoT solutions for fleet management and predictive maintenance. A worldwide uniform tariff also realises plannable costs.

Another challenge is the use of the solution in a harsh environment. In addition to high temperatures, the hardware has to cope with vibrations and large amounts of dust.

The solution

The CAN interface of the machines is used to record the data. The CAN gateway records the data via CAN bus.

The data is sent to a central server every 15 minutes via mobile radio. There, the data is then evaluated and used in a wide variety of ways.

In the event of a malfunction on the machine, the error code is immediately sent to the server, regardless of the 15-minute transmission interval. For this, an initial pre-processing of the data must take place directly at the CAN gateway in order to detect such events.

Further evaluations for service and development then take place on the server, where historical data is stored and sufficient storage space and computing power are available.

"The hardware must be able to cope with the harsh environmental and working conditions of the machine, such as high temperatures, vibrations or dust generation."

Jürgen Haßler

Technology Manager Komptech GmbH

The cooperation

For the fleet management and predictive maintenance application of Komptech machines, Microtronics has developed the CAN Gateway.

  • Connection to CAN bus of the machines
  • GNSS positioning
  • Transmission via mobile radio at a uniform worldwide rate
  • Programmable via rapidM2M Studio
  • Integrated buffer battery
  • Designed for top-hat rail mounting

Predictive maintenance

The technician analyses the problem on the machine remotely with the help of the fault codes. This enables him to have the necessary spare parts at hand and to rectify the malfunction on the first visit to the machine. This quick action pleases the customer and saves costs and effort on both sides.

The IoT solution subsequently offers the opportunity to not only offer reactive services in the event of disruptions, but also enables the generation of additional, new revenue streams through the proactive offering of services.

Fleet management

The CAN gateway records the current position of the machine and also transmits it in 15-minute cycles.

In the map display on the server, the customer sees the position of all his machines. Clicking on it takes the user directly to the detailed evaluation of the respective machine.

As long as the customer only owns one or two Komptech machines, the effort in terms of monitoring, management and maintenance is kept within limits. With 10, 100 or more machines, this effort increases disproportionately and one quickly loses the overview. The presentation of all relevant data on a central platform creates real added value.

In addition to the use cases already implemented, the data is to be incorporated into product development in the future.

In the future, several Komptech machines are to be interconnected in the sense of a plant linkage. Individual machines then react independently in special situations and adjust various parameters. This can increase the efficiency of the entire plant.

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