A must-have for smart streets

The “mast have BY FONATSCH” is an innovative mast that combines a variety of functions.

A smart mast for smart streets

The solution

Urbanisation is advancing. The number of people living in cities is increasing, as are energy requirements and environmental pollution. To counteract this, sustainable developments are needed. „Mast have BY FONATSCH“ makes a valuable contribution to the smart streets of the future.

The mast offers many different functionalities, while saving energy and reducing emissions. Among other things, it manages traffic and includes sensors for autonomous cars, buses or drones. The lighting is demand-responsive and ecological. In terms of safety, the mast also offers many innovative and helpful components with an SOS emergency button, emergency lighting for blackouts and a defibrillator. The energy from the mast is generated by photovoltaics and can be used to charge e-cars, e-bikes and electronic devices such as smartphones. The mast can serve as a digital information panel, collect environmental and weather data and provide WLAN. Further functions such as the use of digital city lights or intelligent meters round off the range of the smart mast.

"Innovative thinking has played a major role in our company since the very beginning. Together with Microtronics, we have succeeded in developing a product that will make the road fit for the future!"

Marie-Luise Fonatsch

Owner & Marketing FONATSCH GmbH

The cooperation

As members of the Smart Safe and Green Mobility initiative (SSGM for short), the companies Microtronics and FONATSCH are committed to raising awareness of the topics Smart City/Region/Street.

The production of classic masts has long been part of FONATSCH’s core business. The Microtronics team made it possible to adapt the classic mast to current needs and create an innovative and smart mast. For this purpose, Microtronics programmed and integrated the heart of the solution, the myDatalogMUC control unit. All data of the respective application, both input and output, are digitised and run through this. The data enters a management platform, from which it is processed and the information is passed on to the respective user. For example, if a person presses the SOS emergency button, the data is processed in the management platform and the alarm is routed directly to the police. Information is exchanged between the masts using fibre optics (Mastermasten) and the Fonatsch LoRaWAN. For test and small systems, communication via GSM is also possible.



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