rapidM2M Base Starter

Test board with integrated sensors

The rapidM2M Base Starter is a complete package for embedded developers and machine and device manufacturers. It enables easy creation and testing of IoT applications for data collection and control. The heart of the system is the intelligent, user-programmable rapidM2M M220 module.

The rapidM2M Base Starter supports you with the following tasks:

  • Development of IoT applications
  • Development of new web services
  • Simulation and testing of use cases

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Particularly low energy consumption

The communication module is especially suitable for applications where energy consumption is a priority. A variety of microcontroller interfaces as well as wireless interfaces (WiFi, 2G/3G) are available for data exchange.

Power Management IC

Use of a PMIC with rapidM2M M22x


  • Lib for BQ25892 in the rapidM2M Studio
  • Charger
  • Battery monitoring
  • Power Manager
  • Status via I2C

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Product configurator

With the help of the runtime calculator, you can estimate the autonomous runtime of the application as well as the costs incurred. The actual costs and energy consumption depend on the measurement conditions, such as the reception quality and ambient temperature. Detailed information on the tariffs can be found here.

Technical specifications

ProducttitlerapidM2M Base Starter
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Circuit diagram rapidM2M Base StarterHw 1.1Circuit diagramHw 1.1
Tutorial Magic Light rapidM2M Base StartercurrentTutorial2
Tutorial Magic Light (Additional files) rapidM2M Base StartercurrentTutorial1
Tutorial My First IoT Project rapidM2M Base StartercurrentTutorial1

Product variations

ProducttitlerapidM2M Base Starter
Item no.300986
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