rapidM2M C3

Control + data logger + transmission + platform with fully integrated operation

rapidM2M C3 is a complete solution for remote control, automation and control tasks in the control cabinet. Ready-made IoT Apps give the hardware its intelligence and enable the user to configure it easily and operate it conveniently. Alternatively, own IoT Apps can be programmed.
Data from analogue sensors and signal transmitters are acquired via the universal inputs. The RS232, RS485 and CAN interfaces enable communication with machines, control units or sensors with digital interfaces. Control tasks and remote control are realised with the relay outputs.

Choice of ready-made IoT apps

IoT Apps are available for numerous applications in the Marketplace. Ready-made solutions are easily configured or adapted. The development of own IoT Apps via the rapidM2M Studio is possible.


PLC, router, firewall and data transmission to the web platform are all integrated and solved in the rapidM2M C3. Due to the overall solution, process-related requirements are already solved and the integration of the solution is minimal.

Industrial interfaces

The rapidM2M C3 has numerous interfaces (universal input, RS232, RS485, CAN). This makes it perfect for use in automation, control and remote control. The two relays are individually configurable.

Extension modules for even more freedom

With the extension module rapidM2M C3e 12UI/2Rel, the base unit gets another 12 universal inputs as well as two potential-free switching contacts for controlling actuators. The extension module has a co-processor. The bus coupling to the rapidM2M C3 is done via CAN interface.

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