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In the Lower Austria municipality of Yspertal, the consumption of the most important public buildings is recorded using smart meter technology. The project “Smart Yspertal” represents the first important steps on the way to a smart city.

By monitoring water and electricity consumption can be optimized. If an unusually high power consumption is the detected in the school on weekends for example, an alarm call plan can be automatically triggered. The caretaker is notified by SMS, can analyse the problem and turn off the lights in the gym.

The generated data are the basis for optimising energy and water consumption. Inefficiencies are pointed out and potential savings are evident.

The cooperation with Microtronics


Smart City Yspertal

The technology from Microtronics

The remote meter reading of energy and water meters are realised with a myDatalagNANOamr. The measured values are recorded every 15 minutes and transmitted collectively four times a day. These default values can be individually adjusted on the server interface if required.

The myDatalogNANOamr transfers the values to the EN ISO 50001:2011 certified energy management platform. Extensive reporting and visualization options are available on the Energy Server. With a few clicks graphs of the historical values or the current measured values are displayed.

Extensive alarm functions round off the functionality of this smart city application. Alarm call plans can be created for different times and measuring points. Those responsible are notified by e-mail, SMS or voice call.

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IoT in Use

myDatalogNANO in use in the project smart Yspertal