2G/3G Sunset – Modernise your device fleet

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Constantly growing demands on data transmission and the desire for future-proof technologies are challenging network operators. To make room for future-proof transmission technologies such as 4G, NB-IoT and 5G, older technologies are being switched off. Swisscom, for example, has already switched off the 2G network in Switzerland in 2019. In 2021, Vodafone and Deutsche Telekom switched off 3G in Germany. In 2024, Magenta in Austria will join the 3G switch-off.

The freed-up frequency spectrum makes room for new modern technology such as 4G and 5G. We have summarised more about the development of mobile technologies and 4G with NB-IoT and M1 for you in “4G is not just 4G” .

What replaces 2G and 3G?

2G and 3G are being replaced by 4G or LTE-M in the IoT sector. M1 and NB1 are predestined for all applications that require little bandwidth, are energy-saving and reliable. For applications that require high bandwidth, on the other hand, we recommend 4G.

What to do?

Many of Microtronics’ devices use modems with multiple uplink technologies. Unless you have overwritten the default setting, the device itself takes care of selecting the technologies. But there are also devices that do not have this functionality. So it is worth taking a detailed look.

How do you determine which transmission technology your devices use?

Information on the transmission technology used on your device can be found on the type plate and on the IoT platform.

In many cases, the transmission technology is indicated on the type plate of the device. On the IoT platform you can see details of the last connection including the transmission technology used.

Which Microtronics devices require modernisation?

myDatalogMUC mini
myDatalogMUC micro
myDatalogEASY IoTmini 3G World
myDatalogEASY V3
4-Channel Data Logger
4-Channel Data Logger
rapidM2M M220
rapidM2M M220
rapidM2M M230
rapidM2M M230

Device Future-proof variant

• myDatalogMUC 4G
No adaptation of the application necessary

• rapidM2M C3
Adaptation of the application (IoT app) necessary. Future-proof and expandable

myDatalogMUCmini & myDatalogMUCmicro • rapidM2M C3
Adaptation of the application (IoT app) necessary. Future-proof and expandable
myDatalogEASY V3
4-Kanal Datenlogger
• myDatalogEASY IoTmini 2G/M1/NB1 World
• myDatalogEASY IoT 2G/M1/NB1 World
• myDatalogEASY IoT ATEX 2G/M1/NB1 World
rapidM2M M22x 3G World

• rapidM2M M22x 2G/M1/NB1 World
• rapidM2M M22x M1/NB1
with low bandwidth

• rapidM2M M22x 2G/4G EU
with a lot of bandwidth

rapidM2M M23x 3G World • rapidM2M M23x 2G/4G EU

We will be happy to work with you to determine the transmission technology of your current devices and draw up a modernisation plan. Take advantage of our attractive exchange offers when returning 2G / 3G devices from Microtronics and from other suppliers.

With IoT as a Service, we take the next steps together – future-proofing your business model with state-of-the-art technology.

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