Why availability issues lead to more efficiency in the module family

Recent events have shown how quickly supply chain difficulties can arise. A quick solution had to be found for the availability problems of our M22 controller.

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To solve the problem as soon as possible, it was decided at the end of 2021 to reinvent the rapidM2M M22x module and to transplant the operating system directly into the controller of the nrf9160 modem (uplink M1/NB1).

The Emergence of the new Module

Eight months of schematic, layout, firmware and testing development followed. Now the time has finally come: the first series electronics have arrived. After successful testing on our MARVpro test tower, we now have the first Microtronics “nRF-only” product.

MARVpro test of the rapidM2M M22x
Successfully passed: Testing of the new module

Now even more Energy Efficient

The new M22x M1/NB1 EU transmits data exclusively via CAT M1/NB1 and thus requires only 0.4A peak current (you can find out how this is possible here ). For this reason, it can be powered by a large number of available batteries – including the much cheaper alkaline cells (Mignon AA).

Frequency Bands, Mobile Radio, Channels - Basics & Deep Dive


BLE – little energy, great benefit

BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) or Bluetooth Smart is the particularly energy-saving variant of the Bluetooth radio technology family. Especially in the field of Internet of Things, energy-saving transmission technology plays a major role. Many of the products and devices are powered by battery or rechargeable battery. The supply with a power supply unit can often already be excluded due to the application. Think, for example, of a smart gadget such as a heart rate monitor or even a gas meter that is placed directly in the duct. The fields of application are broad.

NB-IoT from space - Satellite

NB-IoT in space

Only 10% of the world is accessible via terrestrial networks. Yet there is potential for environmental monitoring stations in the world’s oceans and deserts.

So is NB-IoT in space just a good hook for a story or more? Well, at least it’s good for a few new buzzwords and hashtags. But let’s take a look at what this is all about.


NTN…Non Terrestrial Network

Maximise device runtime

Maximise the Runtime of your Devices

The runtime of industrial battery-powered devices is an aspect that plays a relevant role in terms of efficiency and sustainability. If the devices are located in places that are difficult to access, such as in a canal, a device-lifelong runtime is an enormous increase in efficiency – not only for the devices, but also for the employees who maintain and support the systems.