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The Bachelor’s degree students of “Industrial Engineering and Management” at the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt deals with an industrial project in the 5th semester. Four highly motivated students have developed a customer journey for the rapidM2M T32x during this project.

The students Alexander Brock, Alexander Eigner, Rene Pfeiffer and Raphael Lechner were supervised by Microtronics product manager Martin Buber and marketing manager Ing. Sabrina Waldbauer MSc. The contact person at the University of Applied Science Wiener Neustadt was Mag. Robert Mende-Kremnitzer MSc.

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“I really enjoyed working with the guys. Right from the start, you could feel that the students were highly motivated and that a valuable output will be created. The fact that all the topics were actually worked through in the available time is great”, product manager Martin Buber is satisfied with the result.

In a total of 800 hours, four essential work packages were solved:

  • Use Cases
    Six use cases were worked out, including the respective success factors. In addition, an analysis of the competition was carried out. The three most competitive cases were selected for the next steps.
  • Persona
    By means of a customer survey, insights into the market were gained. Based on this, three customer personas were created.
  • Customer Journey
    For each of the three defined personas, a customer journey was designed with the various touchpoints between the customer and Microtronics.
  • Landing Page Concept
    A wireframe for a future landing page was designed. SEO was taken into consideration. Based on the customer survey that was conducted, a keyword analysis as well as initial text drafts were created.
FH Projektpräsentation

“What I particularly like about the project is how the students incorporated the findings step by step into the next work packages. The documentation is conclusive and shows some good points that we will definitely consider in the future marketing steps,” Marketing Manager Sabrina Waldbauer expresses her satisfaction with the result of the FH project.

The students themselves were also pleased: “It’s not a matter of course that you are trusted with such company-relevant topics in an industrial project. We thank Microtronics for the cooperation and the many insights that were granted to us”.

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