Trams as rolling measurement stations for climate reports

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A clean air plan is based on regulations from the EU and national laws. It is a long-term concept for urban areas to ensure air quality standards and to comply with limit values for pollutants in the air.

Jena has been of interest for several hundred years due to its location in the valley of the Saale. Goethe already set up a first climate measurement station in Jena. From 1995 to 2010, profile measurement drives were carried out as part of an air pollution control plan and a series of other urban climate studies. A measuring vehicle drove along a route created according to climatological criteria and measured relevant measurement data such as temperature and humidity.

From these data a horizontal profile of the air temperature was created. With spatial interpolation, profile maps, for the entire city of Jena could be calculated. Overheating and cold air collections areas are identified at a glance.

The measurements were resumed in 2015. An innovative measuring system with rolling weather stations is now in use. UTK EcoSens GmbH has developed this system using the technology from Microtronics. The equipment consists of a myDatalogEASY V3, two solar panels and meteorological sensors for continuous measurement of air temperature and relative humidity. Positioning is performed using the GPS sensor integrated in the myDatalogEASY V3.

UTK Klimamessstation - Easy V3

These measuring systems are mounted on two trams and a bus. With the self-sufficient power supply via solar-supported rechargeable battery there is no intervention in the tram’s electrical system necessary.

In addition to the measured values, technical data of the measurement system such as rechargeable battery voltage and 2G/3G reception quality are transmitted. The recorded data is sent to a central data server via 2G/3G every 2 hours. This provides constant feedback from the system and ensures that the measurement data actually reaches the server.

UTK Klimamessung Jena - Plattform

Systems without an online connection often result in a rude awakening at the end of the measurement series. For example, due to a power failure, no data have been recorded and the lengthy measurement campaign has to be repeated. This risk is eliminated with the system from UTK EcoSens GmbH, as the measurement data can be viewed online every 2 hours at the latest or the system triggers an alarm if it does not receive any data for a longer period of time.

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