Successful “Future is Now” conference

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In the course of the 10 years anniversary of Microtronics a top-class conference took place on September 16. The program with speakers from Runtastic, Telekom Austria, T-Mobile, Hutchison Drei, Hyve, Strategyn iip, ELCO Industry Automation, Schildknecht, FH St. Pölten, Sticklett, TeDaLoS, Feldsechs and Payuca attracted over 170 participants for the conference in Ruprechtshofen.

Thanks to the extensive partner, expert and customer network from Microtronics this great program was arranged. The participants quickly realized that Microtronics not “only” exists of 40 people. It’s rather a whole network of competent experts from different industries.

Alfred Luger - Runtastic

The keynote from Runtastic COO & Co-Founder Alfred Luger pays attention to another 80 students of secondary technical schools and vocational school around Ruprechtshofen. They were allowed to breathe first conference air. Alfred Luger tells a true success story and made clear that perseverance, hard work and a strong will is necessary. Luger shows the challenges and what it means to grow from 4 to 180 employees in just 7 years. He also gives an insight into opportunities that the Internet of Things still provides for Runtastic.

Hans Sailer - Hyve

Hans Sailer, Sales Director of Hyve, introduces the concept of open innovation. Based on the PaketButler he shows how a new product can successfully be created.

Oliver Ratschka - Strategyn iip

In an interactive lecture Oliver Ratschka from Strategyn iip shows why customer needs are the guidelines for digital transformation. He provides practical tips on how they can be determined.

In the session “IoT in Use” three startups presented in short pitches how they use the technology from Microtronics. Whether stress-free parking by the use of (private) parking spaces in cities, simple packet acceptance and return or smart logistics – Payuca, feldsechs and TeDaLoS show the broad spectrum.

Rainer Semper - T-Mobile

Rainer Semper from T-Mobile Austria illustrates why mobile communication is the right choice for the communication of machines and devices. An entire application is offered instead of only a technology. The path from the initial idea to the rollout is gone together with the customer. With the IoT Box of T-Mobile you can quick and easy create your first functional prototype.


Dominik Windhab - Telekom

Dominik Windhab from Telekom Austria Group M2M assumes a more technical perspective. He presents the challenges for providers with a view to the transmission technologies. Windhab presents NB-IoT as mobile technology of the future for the Internet of Things.

George Kalandra (Hutchison Drei) und Michaela Schicho (Sticklett)

With “la cura coccinella” of Sticklett a practical example, which implemented the IoT Complete Box from Hutchison Drei, was presented. Sticklett provides removable applications for children’s clothing. The applications have integrated sensors and keep data such as body temperature, heart rate and respiration of the child. When a value reaches a threshold, an alarm is sent to the parents. In this way, for example, fevers can be detected and monitored.

Thomas Schildknecht

Thomas Schildknecht showed the concept for Industrial Internet of Things. He took the frequent question why you should not access with a VPN tunnel via mobile radio to your machine. Schildknecht pointed to the exorbitant costs, especially in an international operation, as well as the technical and organizational difficulties.

Paul Tavolato - FH St. Pölten

Paul Tavolato from the FH St. Pölten specialise in industrial security. In the subsequent discussion his assessment to issues like how secure is Dropbox or payment by credit card on the Internet was asked. He pointed out that, for example, by paying with credit card the risks are similar to the real world. If you pay with your credit card in a less trustworthy business and the employee disappears behind the counter, the risk is similarly high as when you enters your data in a shady online shop.

Ralf Matthews - Elco

Last but not least Ralf Matthew form ELCO Industry Automation shows the potential offered by the Chinese market. This potential arises not only due to the formulated strategy “Made in China 2015” by the government.

With the “Future is Now” conference and the simultaneously held open day Microtronics arranged a conference away from too much theory and close to practice. The courtyard and the various breaks invited to network. The exhibition with booths of Swisscom, Tele2, kubator, TeDaLoS, Sticklett, VTA, avantsmart, Glyn and Bernstein Innvoation was well attended. In the showroom many already realized projects and the far-reaching possibilities of IoT and M2M were illustrated. With 150 invited guest the 10th anniversary of Microtronics was celebrated until the early morning.

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