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In predictive maintenance applications, machines are monitored in order to detect errors early or to minimize failures in advance. The level of the groundwater or a river is continuously measured and alarms are automatically sent by SMS or e-mail if a threshold value is exceeded or fallen below. Smart meters record the resource consumption, transfer the data to an IoT platform every 15 minutes and thus enable optimisation. Vending machines log the sales of the individual products and independently reorder at the head office. With smart wearables the vital functions of babies and toddlers are monitored and an alarm is sent in the event of anomalies.

As different as the applications in the Internet of Things are, so diverse are the requirements and needs of these. The majority of IoT platforms offers a multitude of universal functions. This results in quickly reaching the limits of the software when developing your IoT application. Although this “one-fits-all” approach is a simple and often seemingly inexpensive way of mapping some of your needs, it is still a lazy compromise in the end. Because the standard solutions never really reflect what you actually need. Only 75% of your requirements are met and you have to reconcile with the rest. This does not create any real added value.

Individualisierung mit rapidM2M Studio

Individualization for real added value

Individualization and targeted functionalities are the solution. Because, only if you map and fulfil the requirements of your application 100%, you will achieve real and qualitative added value.

The Microtronics IoT Suite is a collaboration platform that uses targeted apps to map exactly what you need. The vision is an end-to-end framework for developers that enables precisely that targeted functionality.

The core is the IDE rapidM2M Studio. You build your application on existing examples, libs and functionalities. Thus, the first 75% are implemented quickly. The programmability gives you the freedom to adapt or extend everything exactly to your requirements. So, you can create the remaining 25% without much effort and thus achieve 100% of your applications.

Several specialists from different departments and often also external partners are involved in an IoT project. The rapidM2M Studio is the common denominator that enables collaborative work across several departments and even companies for the first time. From hardware developers, device & business logic developers to frontend developers and data analysts, everyone comes together in the rapidM2M Studio. Code sharing and test functionalities make the work process much easier for developers.

Microtronics IoT App Store

Scaling your IoT Business

The IoT App Store allows you to share or distribute the application in a controlled manner. The concept of the brand new IoT App Store makes your IoT solution as flexible as your smartphone. You can remotely activate different apps on your hardware. Among other things, this brings enormous advantages in the speed of application development and with regard to training and know-how of your employees. Because of the enormous flexibility and customizability, you can use one concept in a large number of applications. With this app model you have a harmonised platform and yet everyone can run their own individual IoT application.

The collaborative development and the IoT App Store form the basis for successfully scaling your IoT business horizontally and vertically. Perfectly coordinated solutions for many markets can be mapped on one platform. The resulting complexity disappears into the Microtronics IoT Suite with the rapidM2MS Studio and makes the realisation and implementation of your successful IoT application as easy as programming a conventional smartphone app.

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