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To find a parking space in towns can be a real torture. Combined with the time pressure of the approaching appointment the nerves are on edge. The Vienna startup Payuca takes care of exactly this matter.

The guys from Payuca came with their idea to Microtronics. Now they use the total solution including hardware, software and service. In a joint workshop the business model of Payuca was elaborated. Just like the motto “Technology follows business model” the technical implementation stays in the background in the first stage. Questions like “What does the end user require and what is his real problem?”, “What does the process look like?” and “How can the solution earn money?” are in the foreground. Are those questions clarified the technical feasibility is determined and a first prototype as part of a proof of concept are created within three weeks. Thus the previously nominated process can already be tested in a very early stage of the project. Especially for startups this is an important point to convince potential investors.

payuca_in-useHow does Payuca works?

Payuca works very simple. The user downloads the app and sees the available free parking spaces. Did he have sufficient funds in his account, he can open the garage via Bluetooth using the smart phone or a smart card. The car is now parked dry and protected and the user can enjoy his day. A reservation of parking in advance is planned subsequently.

Garage operators simply register her garages at Payuca. The hardware solution is very small and can be integrated in any access control system such as gates or barriers. Payuca garages are displayed in the app and marked with orange signs. Garage operators can obtain more income than with classic long term rentals. With the prepaid model operators are protected against non-payment.

kubatorPayuca shows the potential of motivated Austrian founders. Microtronics wants to support ideas and good IoT & M2M concepts. Microtronics offers longstanding experience and is able to create a proof of concept within 3 weeks. Together with kubator Microtronics targets to support more young people with good ideas. kubator provides founders with innovative ideas a working space, expert coaching and access to investors. A first pre Pitch Deck is thereby drawn completely free. Therefore, kubator is the right person even before the actual business start-up.

Meet kubator and Payuca

At the 10 year anniversary on September 16, you can meet kubator and Payuca. Ask what opportunities and possibilities kubator offers for you. You can also see the application Payuca live in the showroom. At the conference “Future is now” Viktor Schaider will present his company Payuca and show what cool things are possible with IoT and M2M. You can visit the open day and the showroom without registration. Participation in the conference is free. For organizational reasons registration under (only in German) is required until 6th of September.

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