Smart Metering – Intelligent metering for tomorrow

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Smart MeteringSmart meters are digital meters that measure the energy consumption in short intervals and transmit the collected data online. On the one hand they enable an even more efficient deployment of staff because the data is read out remotely. On the other hand consumers get a deep insight into their consumption behaviour.

But smart meters are able to do even more. They not only enable the two-way communication between devices and grid operators, but by analysing consumption data also allow to omptimise processes or to create new tariff models. The analysed data can for example be used to plan maintenance works more efficiently or to offer special night or weekend tariffs.

Smart meters work fully automatically. For the automatic meter reading of analogue meters Microtronics offers for example the data logger myDatalogNANOamr. This compact transmitter was created for the direct connection of meters and enables wireless remote meter reading. The collected data is transmitted online for documentation, monitoring and analysing purposes.

Smart Metering Gadget QGateFor the private user Microtronics developed the smart metering gadget QGate. It can be connected to every kind of device. The QGate is plugged between a socket and the device that should be monitored. Via a smartphone app users can for example monitor their refrigerator’s energy consumption or switch off standby modes remotely.

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