Smart LED display for lottery retailer

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Who does not dream of the big lottery win making all wishes come true at once? With a fourfold or a fivefold jackpot even people normally not interested in gambling are tempted by the prospect of the high profit. Therefore, the application and communication of such a jackpot is essential for the Austrian lotteries.

Optimization of the jackpot marketing

Moving luminous elements, such as the LED running script are a conspicuous marketing measure. The panel is mounted on the outside of the retailer shops. The message runs in a conspicuous red font over the panel and informs passersby about the amount of the current jackpot and other relevant messages. In addition to conventional advertising materials, current jackpots can now be communicated immediately. The central control allows to react quickly and uniformly to the new jackpot sum directly after a draw. So the messages can be updated on Sunday night after the draw with a few clicks Austria-wide.

LED Display

rapidM2M inside

With the rapidM2M overall solution (hardware, software and service) from Microtronics the LED panel becomes a smart LED panel. The device must only be supplied with power. All other technical components are integrated into the panel. Equipped with a SIM card from T-Mobile, the messages are transferred to the panel via 2G. The integrated brightness sensor ensures that the luminosity adapts to the ambient light. The LED display also has a heating module to enable operation even at low temperatures.

Integrated content management

The installation is remarkably simple for the retailers. The reports are centrally controlled by the Austrian lotteries, adapted and released. This means that there is no additional effort for the retailers to take care of the LED panel. Due to the content management system the scheduling of the messages is possible. The messages as well as their validity (period in which the message should be displayed) are transferred from the central server to the LED display via the mobile network. In addition, the panels can be divided into groups, in order to display regional messages for example. The management functions are complemented by a user rights management system.

The advantages of the LED panel

  • Effective communication of the amount of the jackpot
  • Fast, uniform distribution of advertising messages
  • Centralized management of messages
  • No additional effort for the retailers
  • Integrated content management
  • Heating module for operation at low temperatures
  • Brightness sensor for automatic adjustment of the luminance to ambient light

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