PoC Shields for a faster Proof of Concept

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PoC ShieldAs soon as you have an idea for a smart product in mind, you should quickly test if it could turn into a successful business model. Microtronics supports system integrators and developers with PoC shields that are available in the Microtronics Shop. These little developer boards help you to test ideas for smart products at a very early stage.

Your benefits with the PoC shields by Microtronics:

  • Minimising risks & resources for in-house development
  • GPRS communication module already included
  • Available with ready-made interfaces or
  • Basis shields that are compatible with other manufacturer’s hardware
  • Quick Proof of Concept

Smart products – due to their connection to a cloud system they are also called “connected products- make part of the Internet of Things (IoT) within which various devices and machines are communicating online with each other. A lot of companies don’t want to miss this trend for which the research institute Gartner forecasts 26 billion connected products by 2020. The right tools help to keep resources for in-house developments very low and to test application ideas quickly.

For this purpose Microtronics supports system integrators and developers with PoC shields. The basis shield is ideal for connecting interfaces from other manufacturers to it. The basis shield is delivered without outputs and is compatible with every kind of interface hardware. But there are also PoC shields that are already equipped with interfaces. They offer a ready-made interface and do not require wiring. The Microtronics portfolio comprises: LAN, CAN, RS232 and RS485 (Bluetooth soon available).

Your benefits of a quick Proof of Concept:

  • Comprehensive product testing right from the beginning on
  • Creation of successful business models at a very early stage
  • Continuous product optimisations
  • Increased speed-to-market

The rapidM2M PoC Shields are available in the Microtronics Shop. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Microtronics Support team!


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