PaketButler: The individual lock system for flexible parcel management

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paketbutler E-commerce, i.e. the sale of goods via the internet, is still an unbroken trend. E-commerce sales have been growing constantly for years. In 2014, the B2C sector in Germany achieved a turnover of 39 billion euros. Forecasts for 2015 are 43.6 billion euros.[1] Globally, B2C e-commerce sales in 2014 even amounted to an impressive 1,316 billion US dollars.[2]

While the information and negotiation phase up to the conclusion of the contract is already comfortably mapped by online shops such as Zalando, there is still enormous potential for improvement in the fulfilment process. The great “scream of happiness” experience is often diminished by the impractical parcel acceptance and the time-consuming returns process. The PaketButler offers a way to make this more efficient in the future for customers, but also for the parcel delivery company.

Waiting has come to an end

Who has not experienced this? Longingly waiting for the new shoes for the weekend. Suddenly an email that the first delivery attempt had just been made without success. While sitting in the office, the package moves away from the flat door again. Another delivery attempt is scheduled for the next afternoon. The wonderful weather invites you to take a walk or visit a wine tavern. Unfortunately, the friends have to be put off and the wait in the stuffy flat for the eagerly awaited shoes begins. At the same time, the parcel delivery driver is annoyed that he now has to drive to the flat another time and loses valuable, expensive time.

PaketButler accepts parcels

All that is history with the PaketButler. The handy box is placed in front of the front door and secured with a pin code. With this lock system, it now doesn’t matter where you are. The parcel carrier goes to your PaketButler and deposits the parcel. When you get home, you type the pin code into the PaketButler and take out your parcel. The PaketButler can then be folded to a space-saving 40x58x13 cm and thus has room even in small flats. When assembled, parcels measuring 30x50x70 cm and weighing up to 31.5 kg can be delivered with the PaketButler. In addition, the PaketButler has an integrated security strap that enables theft-proof anchoring to your entrance door.

If you now find that the new shoes are unfortunately too big, the returns process begins. Here, too, the PaketButler is a good service. You simply place the parcel back in the PaketButler on your doorstep. Now all you have to do is create a pick-up request and the parcel carrier will collect it directly from your front door. Again, you don’t need to be at home and can enjoy the time you have gained, for example, during an extensive spa day.

PaketButler The PaketButler is one of many projects in which customers rely on Microtronics’ many years of experience and knowledge to bring their products to the Internet. With the use of rapidM2M technology, M2M was integrated into the PaketButler product. Microtronics offers a total system that includes hardware, software and service. The generic M2M -IoT platform together with an industrialised modular system revolutionises the way a connected product is realised today. Extensive know-how in system architecture, product industrialisation and partner network enable a single point of contact for the integration of M2M or Iot into products. The whole thing is rounded off by an end-to-end security concept that ensures the security of your application at all times. In just 3 weeks, you too can go from your idea to a finished proof of concept with Microtronics.

The PaketButler is a product of feldsechs service Gesellschaft mbH. The first PaketButlers have already been piloted in cooperation with Microtronics, Zalando, DHL and Telekom. With the ProfiButler, the concept was extended to companies and outdoor boxes as well as construction site boxes were equipped with the same technology. With Würth and Otis, the first well-known companies that appreciate the flexible and individual delivery option have already been won as partners for ProfiButler.

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