M2M / IoT building kit: The rapidM2M API

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The rapidM2M system is similar to a building kit. Just add your application’s specific requirements to the generic part comprising back end system, API as well as system console.  

The generic part covers the most challenging aspects of a M2M / IoT project. It provides you with all the basic functions like user and rights management or processing data. These functions also support you in offering a quick Proof of Concept: Already the generic basis enables you to visualise data respectively your business model. With the flexibly designable part you define the frontend, the business intelligence and the back end management. The rapidM2M API helps you to realise your individual requirements quickly by yourself.

rapidM2M API
rapidM2M API

This is an overview of the single component’s most important features (see chart):

API front end:

  • JSON data format for data exchange
  • Fulfils data base functions from the front end server’s standpoint
  • Delivers all data required by front end services, like for example smartphone apps
  • Writes defined data and parameters back on the back end

Business intelligence:

  • Communicates with the back end via defined API
  • Calculates forecasts
  • Manages sending of alarms and messages
  • Identifies meta data
  • Manages contract features like terms etc.
  • Writes identified data and parameters back on the back end

Back end management:

  • JSON data format for the transfer of AX data
  • https data format for delivery of websites
  • Writes defined data and parameters back on the back end
  • Administration (e.g. adding / editing / cancelling customers or administrators)
  • Developer access

Back end system:

  • Communicates with the gateway (e.g. connection management, SIM management, decompression, decryption etc.)
  • Serves as central data base
  • Offers device management (e.g. control of activation processes and application management)
  • Offers update service (e.g. firmware gateway, application script in gateway, 3rd party firmware)
  • 3-layered security concept (AES encryption, device authentication, hardware authentication)


  • Offers user management
  • Offers device / gateway management
  • Developer access

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