Give H2O2 a voice – Remote monitoring in healthcare

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Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is familiar to many mainly as a bleaching agent. In gas form, however, H2O2 is ideal for disinfecting rooms. This usually involves vaporising a 35% H2O2 solution using a special device and spraying it into the room to be disinfected.

Cleaning validation in the medical field

Especially in the medical sector, cleaning validation – i.e. proof that any residues remain within a predefined tolerance range – is an essential factor. A high level of hygiene, for example, helps to minimise the risk of infection for patients in hospitals. But how can you be sure that the disinfection with H2O2 was successful?

Monitoring of H2O2 disinfection cycles

Microtronics has developed the remote monitoring tool H2O2 Gassensor specifically for monitoring H2O2 disinfection cycles. The H2O2 gas sensor is a stationary measuring device for recording and transmitting the H2O2 concentration, temperature and humidity during a disinfection cycle. The H2O2 gas sensor transmits the recorded data to a central web platform, where it is stored and can be retrieved in the form of reports. These reports are important for cleaning validation and can be viewed via the web platform regardless of time and place.

The Microtronics editorial team had the opportunity to look over the shoulders of the staff of the Belgian hospital az Sint Blasius during the use of the H2O2 gas sensor on site. This video shows step by step how to monitor the H2O2 disinfection cycle with the H2O2 gas sensor.

You can find out more about remote monitoring in the health sector using the example of the Belgian company Medtradex here.

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