Frost alarms

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It is especially important to secure yourself against frost damages in the winter. Temperature sensitive products for example require special monitoring, timely frost warnings for streets and bridges can lead to more safety and frost alarms for uninhabited buildings can help to prevent secondary damages like water pipe bursts.

With M2M solutions by Microtronics the temperature data is transmitted online to a central web platform. So the data can be monitored anytime via computer, tablet or smartphone. In case a special temperature value is exceeded, an SMS alarm can be triggered additionally. So maintenance personnel can react immediately to the frost alert and keep the risk for secondary damages low.

myDatalogEASY for temperature monitoring

The myDatalogEASY from Microtronics for example can be connected directly to a temperature sensor. It comprises 4 freely configurable analogue respectively digital inputs and two outputs. The integrated SIM chip enables the wireless transmission of data and is optimised for long-term use.

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