Fieldeye & Microtronics started cooperation

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As the name implies Fieldeye enables to “keep an eye on your fields”. The Viennese company Fieldeye E.U. has been developing an information system for the agricultural sector. The information system automatically takes daily pictures of fields and sends them to an online platform. This enables the online analysis and documentation of seeds and other resources.

Remote analysis & documentation of growth and yield

Every day the Fieldeye information system sends high-resolution photographies of fields automatically to the user-friendly Fieldeye internet platform. This enables farmers to keep an eye on their different fields centrally  via PC, laptop or smartphone.  This saves resources and helps optimising cultivation and pest control. The efficient transmission of these photographies will be realised in cooperation with Microtronics.

Fieldeye – your daily picture: the fieldeye information system

The Fieldeye infomation system enables to manage and control one or more cameras with 13 megapixels remotely. The pictures are transmitted automatically and online to a customer-specific online platform. The recording and transmission intervals are adjustable individually. Due to the integrated solar cell the cameras do not require any infrastructure.

The Fieldeye information system enables to store, examine and analyse photographies, galleries, temperature profiles and rainfall recording throughout the whole year. The data is accessible at any time and from any place. This enables both to monitor the condition of fields remotely via PC, laptop or smartphone, as well as to compare fields from different locations centrally. Thanks to the zoom view feature farmers can have a detailed look at leaves and blooms.

Intelligent technology offers variuos benefits

The pictures are transmitted via GSM-GPRS or GSM-UMTS interface to the Fieldeye internet platform. The picture’s transmission interval is adjustable individually. They are collected in an album that can be integrated easily into existing websites. As partner for the data transmission Fieldeye decided on the M2M (Machine-to-Machine) expert Microtronics. Microtronics is responsible for the series development of this intelligent, high-resolution field monitoring system. The cameras will be equipped with M2M modules that enable the communication with the online platform.

The Fieldeye information system offers the following benefits:

  • Remote monitoring of fields
  • Documentation & comparison of crop and their growth
  • Analysis of growth, seeds and more
  • Increased pest control
  • No staff required
  • Indivudial online platform
  • Integration into existing websites

The Fieldeye information system can also be used for other applications. For example: flood monitoring, monitoring of construction sites, monitoring of power lines, autarchic monitoring of assets located  in outlying areas.

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