consiergo – your smart home assistant, that keeps secrets

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After a busy day you unlock the front door. Loaded with shopping bags and the laptop bag slung over the shoulder, this is a challenge. Now you have to deactivate the alarm system quickly before the alarm starts. So you put everything on the ground and hastily enter the code on the alarm system or in an app.

The start in a relaxed evening looks quite differently. consiergo helps you to master this situation much more comfortably. After opening the front door, you welcome your smart home assistant with a friendly “consiergo! Deactivate alarm system!” consiergo responds with “Alarm system deactivated!”

When you leave the house, you activate the alarm system with a simple voice command: “consiergo! Activate the alarm system!” Via the Bluetooth interface you can connect various sensors. In the case of the alarm system, for example, a motion detector is useful. So consiergo can inform you, if something moves in the house while you are absent.

However, the application of the alarm system is just one use case for your smart home solution consiergo. The intelligent voice control accepts your defined commands and executes them. consiergo will answer you via the integrated loudspeaker.

consiergo Hardware

Your data remains your data

“Okay, so another voice control device that overhears me and devours my privacy.” you might think. Here is one of consiergo’s great advantages compared to other voice control products.

consiergo keeps your secrets private. consiergo does not transfer the voice recordings to a server and does not store them. The recognition and processing of the voice takes place locally. Only the command to be executed is transferred to the server. The server is located in Austria and therefore complies with the strict European and Austrian data protection guidelines.

Due to these high privacy guidelines, consiergo is particularly interesting for security-critical applications in the smart home sector, such as the alarm system mentioned above.

Plug & Play in a few minutes

The second major advantage of consiergo is the very simple initial startup and installation in just a few minutes due to the plug & play principle. Even the application “alarm system” is setup in a few minutes with consiergo.

Consiergo in Use

consiergo only needs to be supplied with power. With the integrated SIM card, you are no longer dependent on WLAN and any nerve-racking WLAN configurations. Thanks to the SIM card, consiergo is mobile usable. For example, you can use consiergo as an alarm system for your second home, your garden house or your boat; Places where you may not necessarily have a Wi-Fi connection.

AI – A look into the future

The possible applications and use cases where consiergo supports you are almost endless. Particularly with regard to AI (Artificial Intelligence), there are many possibilities.

For example, you could connect a temperature and humidity sensor via the Bluetooth interface. consiergo can now point out if it would be good to let in some fresh air.

However the future possibilities go even further. consiergo could automatically analyze your mood by analyzing your command “Deactivate alarm system!” and ensure the appropriate lighting and music for your temper.

The advantages

consiergo is the perfect smart home solution, if your data is important to you. With local speech recognition, it is not necessary to transfer language files to a server. The server located in Austria is another plus. The plug & play principle allows an installation within a few minutes.

consiergo is a start-up of Fluxunit, the corporate VC subsidiary of OSRAM. As a technology partner, consiergo relies on Microtronics, the expert when it comes to secure, stable and efficient Internet of Things and M2M applications.

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