Automatic meter reading with a M2M web app

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Reading energy, water or gas meters is a ressource intensive task. Besides reliable staff also a lot if time is required. And also the travel expenses needed for visiting the different measuring sites have to be paid. Automatic meter reading via a web app can help.

The data logger myDatalogNANOamr equipps water, energy or gas meters with M2M technology. The myDatalogNANOamr can be connected directly to meters and transmits the collected data to a cloud platform via GPRS. The data is stored on the platform and can be accessed at any time and from anywhere. This enables the cental reading and management of a great number of decentralized meters via smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC.

The myDatalogNANOamr web app offers all-time access to the data. It can be used with any kind of mobile end device. The different meters are managed via the web app and can be allocated to specific customers. Besides the automatic meter reading the web app also offers a maintenance function. Data for example can be edited via the web app. Different user levels make sure that the web app offers the right functions für every individual user.

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